Discover Curacao


Colorful Curaçao seduces you with its exotic sounds, cheerfully colored monuments, pristine nature parks, white sandy beaches and resorts to dream away at. It is easy to spend whole days at beautiful beaches where you will lack for nothing but there is so much more!

The island's fascinating history has created a convergence of cultures. With its own music styles, cuisine and customs, Curaçao is a unique blend of styles that can be felt everywhere. The beating heart of the island is Willemstad, where you can marvel at the beautiful architecture in Punda and Otrobanda, do some carefree shopping or enjoy dinner with a view of the sea.

Rediscover Curaçao, the most underrated destination in the Caribbean!
Going for:
- Carefree beach life
- Colonial architecture
- Fascinating nature
- Adventurous water sports
- Diverse culture
- Tropical climate
- Delicious food

Sun, sea and beach. That's what beautiful Curaçao is best known for by far. But there is so much more. Curaçao itself is just as diverse as its residents who affectionately call their island "Dushi Korsou. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is the ideal destination for virtually all popular water sports, while the Christoffel Park lends itself to a leisurely stroll or adventurous bike ride. The brightly colored monuments in the old town and striking country houses take you into the fascinating history of the island. And in the evening an extensive culinary world opens up to continue your journey of discovery of Curaçao. Enough to do when you're done relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches.

Rich culture
Curaçao's rich history dates back to the 16th century, culminating in a UNESCO-protected historic center brimming with beautiful monumental buildings. Within the culture of Curacao is interwoven the Netherlands. Spread across the island you will find the remains of old plantations, monumental forts and mansions, beautiful bays and even a large nature park. There is so much to see that before you know it your vacation is already over.

Get local
Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, tourism is only part of Curaçao's overall economy. There are about 140,000 people living and working in Curaçao from more than 40 different cultures. The culinary and cultural offerings on Curaçao are therefore as diverse as its proud inhabitants. Who looks beyond the tourist highlights, will quickly discover that Curacao has a fascinating cultural entertainment offerings that the surrounding islands envy.
Curaçao has a wide range of tours and activities.

TIP: There are many active water sports practiced on Curaçao, explore the possibilities and alternate a relaxing day at the beach with exciting water sports activities!